‘MandyandDavid’ MaD Island Services

We started letting out our Holiday Apartments in 2013. Through our own experiences, both good and bad, we discovered how to maximise income, minimise the work involved and what exactly holiday guests want and expect.

So in 2017, we started our own business to help other people who want to invest in a holiday or second home and let out their property for all or part of the year. We live on the Island and we know what’s going on and how to price and market a property wherever you are on the island, we like to think we are ‘Island specialists’

We now have a number of aspects to our business and believe that inflexible contracts, extortionate fees to agents and tiresome everyday issues should be a thing of the past. We have a winning formula for our own properties and are happy to share our success and help you achieve yours.

Our Story

We consider ourselves to be ‘lucky’ in that both of us already had busy careers, Mandy owning her hairdressing business in Iver, Bucks and I was working for a corporate IT company.

We had our own holiday apartments in Ventnor and met at our local pub, The Crab and Lobster Tap on a night out, after a while our paths crossed again and the rest is history. We are now happily together, spending the majority of our time on the Isle of Wight, whilst also allowing for a bit of travelling when we get the opportunity.

You can see our properties and how we market them. Currently we let out Shellseekers and Seacliff,  whilst South Street, Surf Cottage and Coast Cottage have also been part of our portfolio. We also now have an increasing portfolio of other properties around the island in Ventnor, Shanklin, Totland Bay and Ryde.

We set up MaD Island Services as our business to help others achieve similar results; it’s not ‘Rocket Science’ as they say and we can help you do it without tying you into any form of inflexible contract and we can help as much or as little as you want.

A bit more about us

We think the people aspect is the most important aspect of any business and as we don’t adhere to signing away your rights, we believe that ‘trust’ and ‘like’ are more important so this a bit of background on us


Mandy Davis

‘Stylist and Designer’

After selling my business on the mainland I have bought and renovated several holiday cottages on the Island. With an eye for design, value for money and great trade contacts I have been able to help several other second home purchasers and existing holiday home owners in updating their properties in order to holiday let at an improved rate and with better occupancy.

I now offer a bespoke service, whether simply updating or changing the design completely, it’s entirely up to you. I’m happy to sit down and talk through your ideas and engage them with mine and share experiences to come up with a solution that matches your budget, whilst getting your property to be attractive to visitors on a year round basis.

When we have time to go on long walks (preferably with David and Coco) along the coastline and inland over the downs we remember why we love it here; it doesn’t matter whether it’s mid winter with dramatic seas or summer with sunshine. Ventnor also enables us to enjoy the many musicians and artists that frequent the town.

Having lived here on the Island in Ventnor for 9 years, I’ve seen the island grow and re-establish itself with our lovely beaches and an improved standard of fabulous restaurants and bars in recent years, it’s fast becoming the place to be for food and fun. I know what works here on this unique Island and hope to enjoy it for years to come!


David Oates

‘Conservationist’ – As Wild As

Having spent 30+ years in the IT industry in various Sales and Management positions it really wasn’t my passion nor did it hold my interest. It’s the world around me I’m more interested in, which is why I decided to spend more time on my own interests: wildlife, travel, sports and people.

I retired from IT, invested in our Holiday Homes and started a Wildlife Conservation Charity As Wild As. We support underfunded projects in Southern Africa, providing essential tools, equipment and funds to help Game Rangers, Anti Poaching teams and Ecologists do their job. Raising funds here in the UK and lecturing on Conservation to Colleges and Schools takes up some of my time, then travelling when we can and starting up MaD Island Services, firstly to manage our own properties but now to help others.

I’m normally somewhere around the town, walking the dog, having coffee in one of our lovely cafes, playing tennis or golf, walking on the coastal paths or in the Crab and Lobster, but I’ll always be happy to have a chat.