Other Island Restaurants

The Taverners – Godshill

A short drive into the island brings you to Godshill, a small village with lots to do for kids and a bit of window shopping for the eager tourist, especially if you like local produce in terms of chocolate and cider! But then if you fancy some of the best pub grub on the island go to the Taverners, but book first to be sure. Whatever you have you will know where it’s come from, when it’s in season and how it’s going to turn up on the plate. Fantastic for lunch or dinner and always a nice busy atmosphere, highly recommended.


Thompsons – Newport

Once the chef-patron and holder of a Michelin star at The Hambrough in Ventnor, Robert Thompson came back to the island a year or so ago and opened Thompsons to continue with his sensational cuisine. Needless to say, expect fantastic ingredients, fantastic service and an open kitchen so you can see the dish built in front of your own eyes. Pricey but worth it.


The Little Gloster – Gurnard

The venue of our first Valentine’s Romantic Dinner, we’ve always had lovely food, with a Scandinavian slant produced consistently well, the essence of good service in a trendy venue with fab views of the Solent. Say no more, absolutely worth the trip across the island, can be a great dinner venue or lunch and a lovely walk down to Cowes or vice versa.


Pavarotti’s – Shanklin

When we first came to the island and bought our holiday home in 1999, this was ‘the place to eat in South Wight’ just spectacular Italian cuisine, pizza and pasta to die for all in the traditional Italian family atmosphere style. In the following 19 years it has yo-yoed from the original owners to some very poor reviews, but in January of 2018 the original owners came back to recreate the old popular Pavarotti’s that holidaymakers have known and loved over the years. So whilst the jury is still out on this one, if it’s going back to its roots it’s going to be worth a visit. Keep you posted but if you have hungry kids and love Italian cuisine, go for it!