Listing Set Up and Management

It’s daunting sometimes to know where to start with setting up your accounts in Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Homeaway,, or any of the online booking platforms if you haven’t done it before? Where to start? How to set up a profile? What to say? What pictures to use? How to price it? etc.

If you’ve used an agent or letting company previously, they will have done all this for you and taken the concern and pain away…….at what price? How well does a Holiday Letting firm in the north of England know what is happening on the Isle of Wight ? Typically 20% plus of your potential income and they want your commitment for ever or a minimum of 1 to 2 years, with a ridiculous notice period. If you have a successful Holiday Let that books out on a regular basis that could amount to £7,000 plus per year that they are taking away from you.

It’s your property, never forget that !!

So what alternative do we offer ?

Simple, fixed costs up front, with flexible options for running and managing it if you want us to, or if you would rather run it yourself, we will hand over and advise. It’s entirely up to you. Plus we live on the Island and we know whats going on and what demand looks like, we are Island Specialists.

Why are we so competitive ? See more details in Pricing.

What’s the process ?

Where to start? Typically, after an initial discussion we agree with you what you would like to do; which platform  to use as your main booking channel, use multiple channels ?, add it to an existing agent, contracts permitting, whatever you want and decide. Once we have agreed your requirements, we set up the property on your chosen forum, for whatever period you decide. You can experiment for 3/6 or 12 months, it’s up to you. Through discussion and trial we get you up and running, then hand over the day-to-day running to yourselves or we manage the property and bookings for you.

You will see we offer a service to manage it for you for a set monthly fee, which includes a monthly call to agree any changes you wish to make on pricing, pictures, terms etc. If at any point you want to make a change or book it out for friends or family, just call us and we do that for you too. We can’t guarantee bookings but we will monitor and adjust the listing to ensure you have the best opportunity to have your property booked.

We don’t believe in tying you into contracts or inflexible terms, nor taking excessive percentages of commission, or using any aggressive sales tactics. It’s worked wonders for us – let us help do the same for you!

Have look at our Pricing Structure and decide what’s best for you.

Some of our Airbnb work

Seacliff Beach Vista

Victorias Retreat – Ventnor

St Bees – Ventnor

Corner Cottage – Totland Bay

Highcliff Cottage – Luccombe

Southgrove Terrace – Ventnor

Kaia Beach Apartment – Ventnor

Some of our TripAdvisor work

Corner Cottage – Totland Bay

St Bees – Ventnor

Shellseekers – Ventnor

Some of our work

Shellseekers – Ventnor