A MaD Island Price Comparison Example

To show why we offer better value and service to our customers we have put together a typical price comparison of the income, expenditure and service between a typical Holiday Letting Agent and the services from MaD Island.

These are figures we have used as an average for a 2/3 bedroom property, but you should be able to make an accurate comparison with your existing Holiday Letting partner by applying your own figures. We have actually been conservative with these figures the majority of our properties make more income.

Also, in subsequent years there is no further set up fee with MaD Island so you would be making more income and we would expect your income to increase but our costs would stay the same, whilst your commission to your agent will increase!


Year 1 MaD Island Services Holiday Letting Agent
Average Holiday Let Income £ 20,000 £ 20,000
Less – Initial Listing Set Up £ 500 £ 0
–       – Annual Fee/Commission* £ 720 £ 4,420
–       Cleaning fees x 35** £ 2,800 £ 2,800
–       Maintenance*** £ 1,800 £ 1,800
–       Utilities **** £ 1,800 £ 1,800
Net Income to you £ 12, 380 £ 9,180
Unique Island Services
Local Island Contact Yes ?
Customised Pricing based on Island Events and Activities Yes No
Information and Knowledge of Island Contacts for Repairs, Cleaning etc Yes No
Monthly Statistics Report and Assessment Yes ?
Local Emergency Contacts Yes ?


  • * Typically, most Holiday Letting Agents charge 18% plus VAT  + an annual admin fee of £ 100 or more, you can input your own figures here
  • ** That’s 35 annual stays @ £80 per clean including welcome pack
  • *** Annual Maintenance, repairs, new items replacing etc @ £150 per month
  • **** Utilities incl. Gas, Electric, Water, TV, Wifi, Insurance etc @ £ 150 per month
  • The Initial Set Up Fee only apples once so year 2 and onwards would only require the monthly subscription costs