We believe the best feedback and measure of our services is what our customers say about us so here are a few kind words from them, if you would like to talk to our customers please let us know and we will arrange a call.

We have just entered our 2nd year with MaD Island Services as we have been delighted with the increase in bookings and the level of service that we have experienced.
Our holiday home has been very busy all summer and replies to queries and issues have been handled professionally and very quickly by David. We feel very confident that this level of service will continue. The information given to prospective guests is comprehensive and always linked to events happening on the Island. Updates to pricing reflect local conditions and occupancy rates. We are kept informed regularly with details about site viewings, repeat bookings and comparisons with activity on the Island generally……….we are able to feel very confident and relaxed about the management of our holiday cottage.

Jennifer and Richard, Corner Cottage, Totland Bay

‘Mandy and David set up the entire operation at the outset which included marketing and establishing the necessary infrastructure presence, and we simply could not have wished for better results in our first season. On a day to day basis, David manages the entire guest liaison from enquiry to booking and post arrival and departure functions, whilst Mandy has been and is a tremendous help with guidance, advice, set up and housekeeping matters etc.

Mandy and David are friendly, personable people who work hard at achieving guest satisfaction and maintaining standards with efficiency and a human touch at the same time…………Working with Mandy and David is a pleasure and I have no hesitation in recommending them as great ambassadors for the tourism sector on the island and look forward to continuing our association for a long time to come ‘

‘Kaia Beach Vista’, 5 Marine Parade, Ventnor

‘David and Mandy were fantastic at setting my cottage up on AirBnB for holiday rentals. Guests have come from the US, Canada, Germany, Holland and all over Britain. It’s a great platform and David and Mandy have all the knowledge and experience you need to make it easy to use’

Tom, Highcliff Cottage, Luccombe

‘ We already had our properties on both AirBnB and TripAdvisor but since MaD Island took over the day to day liaison and listing management our bookings and income has nearly doubled for the season. We are also getting additional bookings out of season which was a nice surprise too…’

David and Di, St Bees, Ventnor

‘From initial talks to my listing being launched and bookings taken, MaD Island were faultless from start to the current ongoing management and the attention to detail is evident throughout the process. Mandy has been particularly good at ironing out the day to day local problems that having someone on the island could only help with .. thank you

Dee, Southgrove, Ventnor